Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring beauty

Thanks to Shawna's detective work, I took her advice and I just picked up Quo's Total Perfection Face Primer last night and it makes my face feel like silk! Love it.

I also bought Quo's illuminating concealer for under my eyes in shade #01 - works like a charm. It's hard to find concealer sticks that don't have yellow undertones for my pink, British skin, so this super light tone was a real blessing.

Last week, realizing I was out of my beloved Lip Venom (I'm not a lipstick person - I prefer to just plump what I got!), but not willing to make a trip over the bridge to a specialty store to pick it up, I settled for Rimmel's Volume Booster Liquid. It does a great job, has a bit of a punch after about 5 minutes of wear and makes my lips look yummy (Wayne would approve!). But even though it claims to last up to 6 hours, don't plan to eat or drink in that time. It comes right off and loses its plumping effect. While not as effective as the Venom, it does the temporary trick.

I saw a good makeup tip on Jay Manuel's show Style Her Famous the other day to help achieve a dewy, less caked-on look for foundation: before applying, spritz your face with water from a spray bottle. I tried it and not only did it even out my foundation application, it really set my foundation and it didn't move or melt ALL DAY!


  1. wow, i need to learn more about makeup. i always just stick to the cheap eye stuff. i do love maybelline's mascara tho, not just because it's cheap. :) i didn't know you were british... i am too! as you probably picked up on with all my posts about 'mum.' ciao! xoxo