Thursday, March 5, 2009

Food, glorious food!

Those of you who know me well know I don't "do" musicals (other than Phantom). I find them uncomfortable to watch and beyond cheesy - I actually get embarrassed for the performers: NO ONE sings and dances through real life! Blech. The song "Favourite Things" from The Sound of Music is one of my least favourite things...(sorry, Julie).

Anyway, this morning as I STARED at my bread in the toaster, willing it to toast faster, it was like watching paint dry, I was so hungry. It seems all I've done since I've been knocked up is EAT or THINK ABOUT EATING! Yet, I haven't gained a pound - all I want is carbs and protein, and I sometimes force myself to choke down salads and veggies. I don't even like chocolate anymore (huh?). I suppose my belly is growing inside, but I think I haven't gained weight because I'm eating what I want, not what I should eat...because I'd rather not gag at the table, thankyouverymuch.

When the toast popped up, and I slathered once piece with cream cheese, the other with raspberry jam, put them together and took my first bite, I was in heaven. Then, the song "Food, glorious food!" from Oliver Twist came to mind and I was delirious with epicurean joy. I even had to look it up online to watch it while I ate - and now I am satisfied.

(It may serve to mention that I know this song only because our elementary school performed it in 1987, the year I was in kindergarten. I was a mouse - I don't remember what we were supposed to do, but I remember my one-piece unitard being to difficult for me to remove on my own during the bathroom break, so I held it...and promptly peed on stage. Thankfully, I was always one of the tallest, and therefore, stuck at the back. No one knew but my neighbours on either side...and the poor teacher who pulled off stage and took me to the bathroom to clean me up as I wailed in embarrassment. God bless Mrs. Meyer!)


  1. Blasphemy!!! You don't like "Favorite Things"???? I will pretend you did not say that.

  2. Pretend all you want, Julie. It doesn't change the truth! ;)

  3. this is hilarious! i particularly love oliver twist, as i acted in it in school. i guess you wouldn't enjoy broadway then? :) bon appetit!