Monday, March 16, 2009

Moving on

So I have regretfully had to start a new book. The Book of Negroes was lent to me by a former co-worker whose book club loved it, and I must admit that the first pages I've read are mightily compelling. I wanted to start reading the stack of military books I have accumulated, but getting on the plane to go see Wayne this weekend was not the appropriate time for me to read about battles in Afghanistan. I think I am on a fiction kick, which usually means I would rather read about someone else's life than deal with my own (hello, Twilight). But hey, we all go through phases.

I say "regretfully" had to start a new book because I honestly feel like I'm cheating on Edward and Bella by letting them go and reading a new story that takes place on the other side of the world (or at least, it begins there). I don't think I have ever been so wrapped up by a story like I was with Twilight. Except maybe in the life of Delores Price in She's Come Undone, which I should really reread because I don't remember a lot about it now. It's odd how a series of books which really aren't terribly well written can consume one's mind! I have to say that while reading the books, I found myself unfairly comparing Edward's sense romanticism and perfection to Wayne's...well, everything. While in real life, no one is perfect, Edward's only downfall is that he will live forever. Pooh! So if you have not read these books yet and you are married, beware of the "seduction of the ideal man." I was a bit miffed at the "happy ending," but had to remind myself that it is geared toward teens and the tortured soul aspect of a deeper character would need to be saved for a deeper book.

Hopefully, The Book of Negroes will provide more substance.


  1. Someone else just recommended this book to me. I think it was Kristen P. She loved it. I guess I need to check it out.

  2. this sounds good. i love learning of new books. i'm reading peter carey's "oscar and lucinda" right now... it's excellent. xoxo