Sunday, July 26, 2009

::another day::

I forgot to post yesterday. Oops. It was an exciting day - my newest baby cousin arrived: Oliver MacLeod, 7 lbs, 3 oz. What a little sweetie. He is the youngest (and last!) of four - two girls and now two boys. Perfect. :) He lives a couple of blocks away from me so I hope to see and snuggle him lots, especially when HIS new baby cousin arrives in six weeks! (Yes, he's totally smiling in that picture. What could he have been dreaming of?)

I can't believe, now that Oliver is here, how time is slipping away. When I'm at work, it seems to go SO SLOW. I just want to be done and have that time to myself to nest and assemble everything and wash baby clothes and finish the bookcase I started. I can't wait to not have to think of my days in blocks - the 8-5 block and the 5-10 block - and then cramming my weekend full of to-do lists. It's really taking a toll on me. Then again, I know Wayne will be home SOON (not soon enough) and that's when time will start to fly and go by in a blur. I don't know how I'm going to do it once he leaves for his last course, especially with the dog, but I'll have to work out the kinks until I find a system that works for us. I'm hoping my kiddo likes to be swaddled/wrapped, because I have a fabulous invention that I plan to use when walking Dora. Hopefully this will avoid using the stroller a million times a day. My biggest fear is the fall/winter, when the weather starts to turn sour and it'll likely be raining more often than not. Then again, baby will be a bit older and more settled by that time and will hopefully adapt well.

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  1. Looks good on you Meg!!! Soon, you will hold your own.