Friday, July 17, 2009


Really, this heat is quite gross. Even when I'm NOT pregnant, I'm not a fan of SUPER heat like this. Mainly because it's no fun for redheads to seek out shade and miss all the fun stuff like beach volleyball, swimming for hours and reading a trashy book on the sand at the local beach.

I took the dog to the off-leash park after work and didn't bother changing out of my jeans because I figured I'm going to sweat profusely in whatever I wear, so I might as well not dirty another outfit. It worked but, man, was that a sticky situation. :oS Then I headed to Costco with Jill (in the same outfit - ha!) to buy a massive box of diapers and wipes to get ahead of the game - who knew Costco was the happenin' place to be in Langley on a Friday night?! I guess it's the A/C but it was packed.

Does anyone buy their baby stuff @ Costco? I found their diaper selection to be quite disappointing. I've been stocking up on Pampers Swaddlers and PC diapers lately, and the only brand that looked appealing to me @ Costco was the Huggies Snug & Dry. Oddly, the smallest size was "1-2" (up to 15 lbs.). Well I wanna know: which is it? Are they 1? Or are they 2? It's kind of a big difference. Bonus: I picked up a box of baby wipes containing 704 wipes! Maybe it's because I'm not a mom yet but that seems like a LOT of wipes! I was very excited by this.

Now that I've showered and talc'ed and I'm cooling off in my cotton kimono, I think it's about time for some frozen yogurt and my latest read, Julie & Julia. If I don't fall asleep, that is.


  1. I love the heat, but the fact that it's after 10pm, and it's still almost 30 degrees outside is crazy. I think I'll be sleeping with my fan in my bedroom tonight.

    I went to Costco after work as well. :) I managed to find a short line, so it was a relatively quick trip, thankfully.

    How is the book? I've seen trailers for the movie, and it looks excellent. I'm always looking for new books to read, though, and would love to hear what you think about it.

  2. We bought size one diapers for Denay when she was born but I might suggest buying one package of newborn diapers. Reason being that they have a round cut out in the front right in the middle to allow space for the umbilical cord. We had to fold down the front of the size ones until it fell off. Just a usually takes one to two weeks so you might need a couple packages but we would have done that had we known!

  3. Watch out for Costco diapers... cause they are not actually cheaper for what you get!! I found that the Pampers are best (for boys, at least) and cheapest at Superstore (plus, sign up on to get coupons). Keep in mind that babies have really sensitive skin and babies will react to different diapers (like Logan rashes with diapers, but a friend's baby gets hives from pamperes). Just a thought :o)

    AAAND don't get confused by the sizes... there is also NEWBORN which comes before 1 and 2. Logan wasn't in size 1 pampers until he was a month or so on (but he was not even 7lbs).

  4. PS - 704 wipes is NOT a lot of wipes. Sad, but true.

  5. Thanks for the input ladies. I do have one pack of newborns, but I think I will pick up another now that you mention it! This box of diapers I got is 228 and I think it was $39.99, so I basically got triple (plus) the amount of diapers of PC diapers for only double the price. That said, I won't buy another pack until I know they work for us. If they don't =, I'll have a lot of diapers to give away... :(

    Sharon, so far the book is delightful. I really need to stop reading at night, though. It puts me to sleep. Enjoy your vacay!