Tuesday, July 21, 2009

::zucchini blossoms::

You know when you think about something or someone and suddenly, later in the day or week, that thing or person pops up in your life unexpectedly? And it's really eerie and it makes you look over your shoulder and wonder who was in your thoughts that could have orchestrated this timely coincidence?

Yeah, that feeling. Well, it just happened to me.

This post came through on my Google Reader today and what do you know? I was just thinking this morning about when I would ever get to try zucchini blossoms. Dora and I walked past a house in the neighbourhood that had massive zucchini plants. The apricot-coloured petals of the open blossoms caught my eye and reminded me of all the Iron Chef America battles I've seen where they use these, making me wonder how the heck I could get my hands on some.

Well, Des, over at Life's Ambrosia has now inspired me to officially be on the lookout for these gems. Have you ever seen them for sale at your local market? I'm thinking that maybe the White Rock Farmer's Market or the Ladner Village Farm Market might have them. Maybe even Save on Foods or Choices? Please let me know if you have a lead. Since I'm living on my own for the time being, I may just invite you over to eat them with me if you are the lucky one to find them. :)


  1. That dish looks fantastic. I'm not growing zucchini but my acorn squash plant will soon have many blossoms... wonder if I could substitute. I mean, they look the same. But I've always wondered... if you harvest the blossoms, are you sacrificing the fruit?

  2. My friend just told me not all blossoms turn into zuccini...but how do you know which ones will and won't? I'm confused.