Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My dad was over yesterday painting our two upstairs bathrooms. By the time I got home, it was time to clean up and reassemble all the fixtures, medicine cabinet, electrical face plates and other decor. Of course, you can't put it all back dirty, so straight home from work I changed into Cinderella mode and Pinesol'd my way around my dad as he reinstalled the fixtures, etc. Of course, my cleaning instinct kicked in and I ended up giving our room and the nursery a good wipe-down as well (it's amazing how much dust gets in through our screens!).

Sounds like an easy job, but on our third floor, in a north-facing bedroom, at the end of a 30-degree day, it is not easy for an eight-month-pregnant lady. :( By the time he left, I was so pooped that I ate a popsicle, sat on the couch to watch tv for an hour and promptly fell asleep...make-up still on (I HATE that!)...until 11:30. (Hence no blog post last night.) Once I woke up, I didn't actually climb into bed again until after midnight. And I had the most horrible sleep I've had since being pregnant.

Oddly, it wasn't the heat that kept me up. It was the fan! (I need darkness and silence when I sleep.) I think I woke up every time I moved. I liken it to trying to “sleep” in the airport when the janitors are cleaning around you (never had that experience? Ah, lucky. The joys of travelling standby...). All you do is doze. But if I turn off the fan, I’ll roast. Boo. I may resort to setting up the air mattress in the living room again this week so I can have some peace and quiet. Plus, I can watch tv in bed - score! ;)

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