Wednesday, July 15, 2009


name: the word by which an individual known, spoken of, etc. (Cdn Oxford Dictionary)

Wayne and I thought we had this child's name chosen for good. We've been referring to it by name for a couple of months, now. (12 weeks, actually!) While we had trouble deciding for both genders, we were relieved when the task was cut in half once we found out the gender.

But as time goes on and the day moves closer, the stress of it has made me second-guess myself and I have been hesitant to refer to Baby B by name. How can I assign a child a personality? All the names we like have been considered by euphony as well as origin and meaning. But it seems that each name comes with an attached preconceived expectation of attitude and personality. I feel like I am not giving my kiddo a chance to show us who it is before we decide what it will spend the rest of its life being "known" as!

I suppose we'll go in with our list of top 3 or 4 names and hope for the best. But I never imagined this would weigh so heavily on me. I have kept baby names in my wallet for years - literally.


  1. I knew from the moment I found out I was carrying a child what her name would be.

    I tried to find other options and searched every reference I could find, made a list of favorites but I waited until she was born before saying for sure. I waited until I held her in my arms. I thought her personality would sing to me then. Maybe she was meant to be Mary or Beth instead. Thank goodness she was a she, because then I would have been scrambling. Boy names didn't resonate with me.

    Turns out, I was right all along. My original name was hers and perfect. I blog her as Starr, but that isn't her name.

    I say: Breathe. I understand the fear, but you have chosen the names that you have for a reason. What ever name you chose will be just right!

  2. Hey Meg.....good idea! We had a name chosen for each for the longest time then just before Denay was born we started tossing around a couple more. When she was born (and after everyone had gone home) we both knew that she wasn't the orignal name but the second more recent one. My best friend just had her baby yesterday and the exact same thing happened to them. You'll know! Enjoy your pregnancy and don't let it stress you!