Wednesday, July 29, 2009

::like a blue-assed fly::

Yes, that is a momism. My mom is British-born but moved here where she was 8. That wasn't early enough to purge the old English idioms and funny sayings that sometimes slip out. So when she is so busy she doesn't know what to do with herself, she says she is buzzing around like a blue-assed fly.

I guess the metaphor is that you only ever see it's bum because it's always moving on to the next thing? I dunno. It doesn't have to make sense. Just gotta know what it means.

Anyway, the point is, this is a busy week. Like stupid busy. Monday night was my work baby shower; last night was a co-worker potluck BBQ at my place to celebrate the engagement of another co-worker; tonight I had a "BBQ" with my life group from church (which they turned into a surprise baby shower!); tomorrow is supper with some friends; and Friday night, I may have to figure out somewhere to go that has air conditioning!

Thankfully, this weekend is the long weekend, and although I have some nesting to take care of (that is, cleaning the garage out and attempting to install the car seat), a birthday party, a wedding and some freelance, I don't feel particularly stressed about any of it.

It has been a bit of a stressful week for Wayne, who uncharacteristically failed a safety test on Monday. Of course, with safety, it's all or nothing, so it was only a pass or fail grade. Even though you get to rewrite it, he was pretty miffed because he'd even gone for extra help TWICE last weekend! Turns out, he'd been given a faulty piece of equipment with which to complete the test. So they struck a deal with him: redo the test with a working piece of equipment, and if you pass, we'll scratch the first fail off your record. And he passed! I am so happy for him and he was relieved, too. Now, they have named him safety officer for the entire last week of his course, which begins Monday. It is a huge compliment, as they only give extra responsibility to the guys who can handle the job, but it also means he has to spend the weekend brushing up on his procedures. Bummer, but I'm so proud of him for continuing to be an open and honest person, even in the military. Everyone knows where he stands at all times and he is fair with everyone. In the end, it's all about relationships and respect: what kind of boss would YOU want to follow? I know Wayne asks himself that each time he responds to a certain situation that includes dealing with a team of NCMs (non-commissioned members). He was made for this job.

Tonight will mark night #2 of sleeping in the foyer on an air mattress. I'm about to head upstairs for a cool shower (last night, Dora joined me. I'm sure she will tonight, too!) and then to enjoy a sleep with an ice-cold face cloth draped across my forehead and eyes. Pure bliss, I tell you. Try it!

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