Wednesday, July 22, 2009


By way of a Facebook group discussion topic I started in a group for Canadian Military Wives, I have "met" (as much as sending Facebook messages can be "meeting") another young military wife in Abbotsford today. She just gave birth to her second child (already has a 2 y.o.) and her husband left for Basic Training in St. Jean, QC, mid-June. He is also Army and graduates in September, so we're going to get together for a coffee one day soon and chat. It's not often I meet people who know exactly what my life is like. What a treat that will be.

She says she is perpetually stuck in BC because his trade has various wait lists for his required courses, meaning he is not stationed anywhere specific for any length of time, and thus, is not entitled to a posting for his family (as far as I understand). Much like Wayne, that wait time will be spent on PAT platoon (Personnel Awaiting Training), keeping him away from home, yet mostly unproductive. This is a frustrating prospect. Wayne says when the guys are on PAT, the local Canadian Tire refuses to sell the military guys any rope for fear they'll hang themselves out of sheer boredom.

(Bad joke - you get used to those with an Army hubby.)

This "meeting" got me thinking about how artificial the cyber world is and how odd it is to make a connection like this, yet so timely and perfect. Really, connecting online with people is not different than was the revolution of the postal service (which is ancient), telegraphs, the printing press, telephone, satellite and television. There really is nothing new under the sun. If it weren't for the Internet, many couples I know would never have met. And so many babies would never have been born. And the plans God had/has for those babies' lives would never have been realized.

So even though I feel strange about meeting someone for what I could actually call a "blind friendship date," I resign myself to the fact that this is the way the world is these days. And I don't need to feel weird about it; my sole responsibility in this life is to respond the way Christ would, and let Him do the rest.


  1. Good for you Meg! My SIL has made some amazing friends while in Brandon/Shiloh and Nathan has been training or overseas. It's like a big family! Hope you able to glean some encouragement and empathy through your meeting.

  2. That's good to know. Brandon was a lovely town. Much like Langley, though a little older. It's 3rd on our list of posting preferences. We attended a great church while I was there, which Wayne has been attending. It's called Grand Valley Community Church. If they don't already have a home church, I highly recommend it!

  3. I agree Meghan! I commented on Christy's blog story about how her and Trevor met - online - because Josh and I did too! Like I said on Christy's blog, you never know how God is going to orchestrate your life.
    I hope this blind friendship date goes well and you make a great connection! How special to have someone to relate to and who can truly understand.