Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The “What’s Your Style In One Picture” Challenge, Summer 2009

Image from Creative Spaces. Photo © BBC Good Homes. © 2002. Hylas Publishing, publisher.

I am participating in the “What’s Your Style In One Picture” Challenge, Summer 2009, put on by Alek over at From the Right Bank to the Left Coast blog. I am choosing one picture to encapsulate my design style. Now, not being particularly visually creative, I wondered how I would even begin to define this. I like so many different looks, if they're done well! So I cheated a bit and took the "What's your style?" quiz over at

Surprise! My result was: Old World, New Way
Deep, rich and regal but muted for a time-worn effect. Finishes are distressed, woodwork is rough-hewn. A lived-in but luxurious old world.

I was happy with this result, even though I wouldn't say I'm particularly married to it. So I sought out some "Old World" kitchens and found the pic above.

Take the quiz for yourself! What's your style?

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  1. Hi, Meg! Thanks so much for participating in the challenge! This kitchen reminds me of those gorgeous villas in Tuscany or the South of France. I can just imagine the most amazing meals being made in a kitchen like that. That stove! I covet it. And how gorgeous are the cabinets? It's fantastic. Thanks again for playing along!